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what time is it in malaysia: Best Time To Visit Malaysia Malaysia Weather Best Season To Visit

what time is it in malaysia: Best Time To Visit Malaysia Malaysia Weather Best Season To Visit

what time is it in malaysia: Best Time To Visit Malaysia Malaysia Weather Best Season To Visit 150 150 pepecomunica

what time is it in malaysia

If you’re visiting Kuala Lumpur, the driest months are usually June to August. You can find the current local time and the time zone for any location in the world, be it your country or any other across the sea. Whether sitting in Malaysia or else, you can quickly check the time changes. You can also check out current weather conditions, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, moon phases, daylight saving time and currency. Since Malaysia is such a vast country, there is a time difference between states. The northeast monsoon drenches the east coast of the peninsula from October to March, with the heaviest rainfall from December to February.

what time is it in malaysia

Top landmarks include Sabah’s Lost World , and the national parks in Gunung Mulu and Bako. In a matter of minutes, the weather can quickly change from hot and sunny, to cloudy and stormy. If you visit during the summer, plan for wet weather and be flexible with your travel plans. On the other hand, it’s best to avoid travel to the northeast during the winter, as the area will be affected by the monsoon. High temperatures and humidity are the most common characteristics of Malaysian weather.

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The tail-end of northeast monsoon drags along heavier than average rainfall in lowland and highland destinations like Cameron Highlands, Kuala Lumpur, and Melaka. May is also a fantastic time for undertaking a Borneo itinerary as it’s, on average, the driest time of the year and fall firmly within the island’s tourism shoulder season. If your travel plans include the islands on Malaysia’s west coast, consider booking a trip during the first two months of the year. This is the best time to visit Langkawi and Penang without having to worry about weather-related travel problems. Throughout winter, Malaysia experiences the rainy northeast monsoon, which brings heavy rains and strong gusts of wind.

  • The Time Now is a reliable tool when traveling, calling or researching.
  • Compared to most European countries or even Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China, there’s less seasonal variation here.
  • UTC has uniform seconds defined by International Atomic Time , with leap seconds announced at irregular intervals to compensate for the Earth’s slowing rotation.
  • In this area, monsoon rainfall peaks between November and February.

The internet usage in Malaysia has mostly revolved around personal purposes such as participating in social networks. As of February 2022, Malaysia recorded around 30 million active social media users monthly. A recent survey revealed that every internet user in Malaysia had about 9.6 social media accounts on average.

Daylight Saving

Average temperatures hover around 30°C (86°F) in most of the country and humidity levels are usually above 80%. Specifically built for speed and exciting racing, the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia is one of the world’s best. With Malaysia being so close to the equator, it shouldn’t be a big surprise that July gets really hot. Holiday-making family crowds only intensify in the coastal resorts along the peninsula. In some years, the Chinese Lunar New Year hits in February, bringing heavy demand for transport and hotels.

Is Malaysia 12 hours ahead of USA?

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This will be between 7AM – 11PM their time, since United States is 15 hours behind Malaysia.

From June through August, the country can be affected by the Southwest Monsoon which travels up from Australia. Don’t expect a break from the heat or humidity either—temperatures in Kuala Lumpur during the summer months are typically in the 90s, with humidity forex trading signals today to match. Although Kuala Lumpur receives abundant rainfall from the northwest monsoon regardless of the season, the driest months are usually June, July, and August. Australia observes daylight saving time from First Sunday October to First Sunday April.

Phoenix, for example, is on the 122nd degree of longitude west and thus in the UTC-7 time zone. Like the west, the east coast experiences hot temperatures throughout the year. The humidity is, however, a little less intense due to the South China Sea breeze.


Malaysia Standard Time is 8 hours ahead of the UTC universal time, and summer daylight saving time is not observed in the country. The Northern Hemisphere summer months are the driest time of year in Kuala Lumpur, although ‘dry’ is a relative term in this tropical country. You should always expect humidity to be a factor, especially in Malaysia’s cities, where buildings can block the breezes.

By August, the rains begin to return, building up towards the northeast monsoon. Malaysian Borneo, or East Malaysia, is the third-largest island in the world and east of Peninsular Malaysia. The weather is most suitable during the summer months for taking advantage of the many outdoor adventures on offer. Regardless, persistent rainfall throughout the year keeps the rainforests lush and green for the endangered orangutans there. As the world is comprised of several time zones, you need to set your time in accordance with your particular city.

Lowlands & Highlands (Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Cameron Highlands)

This was to come into force on the first day of January 1933 and was to be in force during the year 1933. Some countries are moving forward in comparison to others and some are moving behind the others. It becomes a concern for you when you are in connection with people of other countries for business or other dealings. Then you have to follow an internationally agreed time so that you may proceed smoothly. Here comes the need of this online tool to figure out the suitable time.

Is Malaysia 7 hours ahead of UK?

This will be between 7AM – 11PM their time, since London, United Kingdom is 8 hours behind Malaysia.

Malaysia’s tropical climate means that rain is common throughout the year, so always be prepared for a downpour. The southwest monsoon season comes through from June to August, while the northeast monsoon takes place from December to February. November is one of the country’s wettest months, averaging more than 11 inches of rain on average. Temperatures at night are slightly cooler, falling into the mid-70s. Duty-free Tioman Island on the east side of Malaysia is quite close to Singapore. The island is relatively quieter in the summer months when backpackers and other travelers are partying in the Perhentian Islands on the other side of Malaysia.

Winter Season in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is known for being a shopping haven and home to some of the region’s biggest shopping centres. One of the longest laps in MotoGP is made all the more gruelling for riders by intense heat and humidity. Malaysia is one of the last countries in Southeast Asia to remain closed to foreign visitors since the pandemic began, but now it finally has a reopening date.

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World time zones have a positive or negative offset computed from Coordinated Universal Time , or Greenwich Mean Time . UTC has uniform seconds defined by International Atomic Time , with leap seconds announced at irregular intervals to compensate for the Earth’s slowing rotation. The tz database or zoneinfo database uses the closest city, rather than the more common Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific time zones in the United States.

One also gets to see the Chinese New Year celebration which is a 15 days festival in Malaysia. The winters in Malaysia fall from November to February, and January is the coldest month. During winters, the days are generally cool with a light breeze, while the nights are chilly. During winter months, the eastern part of Malaysia experiences heavy rainfall, and therefore, visiting the western part is preferred. Malaysia has shown significant improvement in its internet infrastructure in recent years, which has allowed the internet users in the country to be more active online.

what time is it in malaysia

The ‘coldest’ month in Malaysia usually sees lows of around 23ºC (74ºF) and highs of around 29ºC (85ºF), though it’s cooler in the highlands. This is as quiet as the tourism scene gets, with plenty of rain on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and in Borneo. There’s a lingering tourism presence throughout the month, but most vacation-related businesses start prepping for a quieter tourist season. In other areas of the country, this is a time to look for competitive hotel rates . However, this is a good season to visit if you’re into malls, museums and other indoor activities; shops will be offering sales and the big cities offer plenty of indoor fun. 1936 – The daylight saving time Ordinance became Chapter 170 in the 1936 edition of the Laws of the Straits Settlements.

How far ahead is Malaysia time?

Malaysian Standard Time (MST; Malay: Waktu Piawai Malaysia, WPM) or Malaysian Time (MYT) is the standard time used in Malaysia. It is 8 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Heavy rainfall also means tropical greenery will be at its most spectacular, especially towards the end of the season. The same goes for Penang, located approximately 100 km south of Langkawi. The island boasts an exciting mix of cultural and natural attractions and is best explored during the winter months. Some popular things to do include hiking in the hills near the island’s capital Georgetown, or jungle trekking in Penang National Park. Penang’s International Dragon Boat competition is definitely worth watching, and takes place in December.

what time is it in malaysia

Spring and summer weather brings the ideal conditions to explore Borneo’s wild nature, one of the main reason to visit the island. The warmer months are synonymous with excellent visibility in Borneo’s eastern islands like Lankayan, Mabul, and Sipadan, which offer world-class diving and snorkelling. Rain and thunderstorms happen daily, but since they tend to take place in the afternoons, it’s still possible to enjoy your time here as long as you plan your activities around this. For example, you can set the mornings aside for outdoor activities, and leave indoor plans for later in the day.

Religious celebrations range from exuberant family-oriented pageants to blood-curdlingly gory displays of devotion. Chinese religious festivals are the best times to catch free performances of Chinese opera, or wayang, featuring crashing cymbals, clanging gongs https://forexbitcoin.info/ and stylized singing. Secular events might comprise a parade with a cast of thousands, or just a local market with a few cultural demonstrations laid on. But outside of the monsoon season, rains are short-lived and shouldn’t interfere with your sightseeing.