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How to use Microsoft Teams with LessonUp

How to use Microsoft Teams with LessonUp

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Users must also connect an active phone number to their account in order to access the application. Educators and students at schools with a Microsoft 365 subscription can sign up for Microsoft Teams for free. While your main chat on your channel will be inclusive of all of your team members, you can also start a private chat with one or more team members. You can do so by selecting the ‘chat’ feature on the left-hand side and selecting the individual team member. You will have all the same options in your private chat, including the ability to add documents, stickers, gifs, etc. When chatting in a Channel, your conversation is with the entire team and not just exclusively between two parties.


Are your Microsoft Teams Lessons all starting to feel the same? Sometimes, a visit back to the basics can spark new ideas. Links to explainer videos, to a tab with a list of Stream videos to help them in areas of need, to individualized teacher-created videos just for their needs. This is a more focused approach to help one or two students who might need more targeted help. If you notice an individual student is struggling, you can open a temporary channel with just you and that student. Offer more resources and specific guidance that might help the student progress toward the learning goal.

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A link to the video is shared in the meeting chat when the video is done processing. A link is also displayed in the video meeting post in your team channel. It’s easy to grab a link to the recording and share it with others inside of Teams. Add the link to your Class Notebook or to a tab at the top of your channel. Microsoft Teams quickly became the business application of choice as state and local governments raced to equip remote teams and maintain business continuity during the COVID-19 lockdown. But in the rush to deploy Teams, many organizations overlook, ignore or fail to anticipate some of the administrative hurdles to successful adoption.

When your meeting is over, a post will be made in the channel showing details of it. It will include when it was scheduled, any videos recorded, and more. Like any other post, you can reply to the post and add a comment. If you want to share takeaways, important links or additional information, add it in a reply. Participants – and those that didn’t participate – can see those replies and add to them as well.

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When a new team is created, a Microsoft 365 with the same name is created. This supports membership, but also creates a SharePoint site, OneNote notebook, and allows Forms workspaces, Power BI workspaces, and Planner usage. Options allow you to work on interactive maps, infographics, presentations, and tours, all within this platform. The basic account is free, with lots of 360-degree tour choices for premium teacher accounts. Into Teams, which is capable of showing 360-degree virtual tours.